At St. Teresa's School, our Board comprises elected parents, proprietors representatives, the Principal, and a staff representative. The Board holds the responsibility for governance and maintaining the special character of the school. 

Understanding that the early years of education shape our children's future contributions to society, the Board is committed to providing the highest quality education. This commitment is embedded in a culture of respect, collaborative effort, and is guided by Catholic values.

Central to our ethos is a strong belief in community involvement. We value the engagement of our community, which helps create an environment that nurtures optimal learning experiences for our students. We strive for academic excellence while encouraging our students to embrace gospel values. 

Sian Harcourt

Elected Parent Representative

Presiding Member


Lindsey Dailly


Mary Sankey

Staff Representative

Fr Dennis Nacorda

Proprietors Representative

John O'Reilly

Proprietors Representative

Barbara Kadziolka

Proprietors Representative

Felicity McNeill

Elected Parent Representative

Nicole Robinson

Elected Parent Representative

Luke Dalton

Selected Parent Representative