St. Teresa's School is part of the Wairarapa Brigidine Schools network, alongside St. Mary's, St. Patrick's, and Chanel College. Together, we focus on education and spiritual growth, following the Brigidine tradition. 

The story of the Brigidine Nuns in Wairarapa dates back to 1898, a time when Father John McKenna's call beckoned six passionate Brigidines from Australia to Masterton. 

In 1937, a delightful idea bloomed in Featherston—a school! Fast forward to February 2, 1954, a single room was rented in an Auction Mart, cleverly divided into two spaces. To add to the adventure, Featherston's parents created a carpool, whisking two extra Sisters from Carterton to school every day. 

Then, on the glorious day of March 18, 1955, there was sheer jubilation! Finally, after much longing and anticipation, St. Teresa's School became a real-life wonder, much to the joy of the Sisters, students, and everyone in the parish. The dream had come true!

At the core of our school lies a special tribute to St. Teresa of Avila, known for her unwavering faith, love for prayer, and boundless care for everyone around her. This amazing woman became a saint in 1622 because of her incredible life. Her story isn't just history here—it's our shining guide, urging all of us at the school to embrace her spirit of deep spirituality and unwavering kindness in everything we do.