At St. Teresa's School, we take pride in our vibrant and inclusive local curriculum, which weaves together three foundational pillars: Te Marautanga o Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, Te Tātou Whakapono: Our Faith, and the New Zealand National Curriculum. Our approach is centred on integrating these areas of learning to craft a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for our tamariki.

By embracing Te Marautanga o Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa, we honour and respect the cultural heritage of our region, infusing local knowledge and values into our teaching practices. Simultaneously, our commitment to the Catholic RE Curriculum - Te Tātou Whakapono: Our Faith, forms the moral compass guiding our students, instilling gospel values that foster empathy, compassion, and understanding within a nurturing environment.

Our curriculum aligns with the New Zealand National Curriculum, ensuring our students receive a well-rounded education that meets national standards while embracing local perspectives. We believe in harnessing the strengths of these diverse frameworks to create a dynamic and holistic learning journey for our young learners.

Central to our ethos is the conscious embedding of Te Reo Māori across our curriculum. We recognise the significance of the Māori language as an integral part of New Zealand's cultural identity. By weaving Te Reo Māori throughout our teachings, we aim to cultivate a deep appreciation and understanding of the language among our students, fostering cultural competency and celebrating the richness of Aotearoa's heritage.