We believe a rich and varied curriculum is important in keeping students engaged and motivated in their learning.   We integrate learning across curriculum areas to give purpose to reading, writing and mathematics.  We invite parents to share their talents by being involved in students’ learning especially through the ARTS- visual art, music dance and drama.  

Stewardship and the care of God’s world, our environment, has been a feature of our teaching and learning in recent years.  A wide range of activities from keeping lunch wrappers in your lunch box to take home, to testing for water quality in our local streams are undertaken every year.

We recognise students’ learning across the curriculum with regular celebration evenings.


The school provides quality classroom programmes and ensures children are engaged in purposeful learning.  St Teresa’sSt Teresa’s School covers 8 curriculum areas:

·                English

·                Mathematics

·                PE/Heath

·                Religious Education

·                Science

·                Social Sciences

·                Technology

·                The Arts

·                Languages