Our Vision : To develop confident life-long learners within the Catholic Faith



Learning how to learn establishes essential skills for living and working.

Programmes based on outcomes require a change from traditional teaching approaches to curriculum development, shifting from objectives derived from content to objectives based on desired changes in the learner – Inquiry Learning.

Our goal is to equip the learner (student) with the skills to enable them to be successful now and in their life. This will enable our students to:

  • ​Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Work and learn successfully alongside others
  • Interact successfully with others
  • ​Find their identity – socially, physically, academically, emotionally and spiritually

Educational Experiences

​Our school programmes will reflect current educational thinking and support our Mission Statement, Vision and Special Character. We will provide opportunities for:

  • ​Problem solving
  • Co-operative learning
  • The development of the Key competencies
  • Risk taking
  • The support that it is okay to be wrong and that often such experiences provide ​valuable learning outcomes
  • The development of strategies to work through and resolve conflict, stress and failure
  • Variety
  • Acknowledge and promote the understanding of the many cultures in our school ​community
  • Self evaluation and future goal setting
  • ​Learning through ICT – Information Communication Technology


We believe education is an active process with children participating in it rather than receiving it. We recognise that successful learning is stimulated by:

  • Quality teaching
  • Variety in learning programmes
  • Students feeling supported in their learning
  • Fun
  • The physical environment
  • Opportunities – camps, EOTC, Life Education, cultural groups, visiting groups, extra-curricular activities
  • Community involvement
  • The use of outside agencies
  • Children being involved in 3-way conferences and goal setting, giving them ownership of their learning
  • Providing challenges at individual learning level​

Examples of programmes that support learning and teaching:

  • Special Character - sponsor a World Vision child, support from NZ - Caritas
  • Innovative Learning Environment
  • EnviroSchool projects
  • PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning initiative
  • Cultural group - performs regularly
  • Digi kids
  • Peer mediators
  • Library monitor
  • Enrichment programmes supported by Wairarapa REAP
  • Reading Recovery
  • A large range of sporting opportunities
  • Music lessons