Our Vision : To develop confident life-long learners within the Catholic Faith


My name is Jennifer Muth and I am proud to be the Principal of St Teresa’s School Featherston, a vibrant learning community. I am passionate about providing the best learning environment we can for our students. I love interacting across all the classes, supporting the teaching and learning. At St Teresa’s School we aim to get to know the students and their families well. Together we can build our learning community, sharing the progress and achievement.

I am also passionate about students setting goals and understanding their own learning journey. Students have the opportunity to build on their strengths. My years spent working with students with a range of learning needs has reinforced how vital it is that students and their families feel secure and comfortable within our school.

As a Catholic School we foster the values of faith, love, justice and humility, which help our children reach their potential and contribute positively as effective citizens. We encourage service to the community and an understanding of social justice through the Religious Education programme taught in all classrooms and the example set by all the staff.

We have high expectations in terms of academic achievement and appropriate behaviour. We use On –TRACK to describe the behaviours which help students put our values in place- Think, Responsible, Achieve, Courageous, Kind. We aim to support each student to be the best they can be through educating the whole child and giving students opportunities to shine. While reading, writing and mathematics are important we want every student to experience the arts, science, technology, sport and ICT. Students also have the opportunity to grow in confidence, develop leadership and creative thinking through sporting and cultural events. Our students are our focus.

Our Board of Trustees are committed to our school vision of developing confident, life-long learners within the Catholic Faith. The Board ensures high quality resources are a feature of our classrooms. We have a supportive community who willingly use their talents to support student learning. Along with a very dedicated staff, this support gives our students a great learning environment.

Nga mihi nui

Jennifer Muth, M.Ed (Hons)