Wairarapa is a region of big skies, wide valleys and small towns, full of character. With three major forest parks and a wild stretch of coast it offers endless possibilities for outdoor adventures or just getting away from it all.

Featherston is the gateway into the Wairarapa district and welcomes many visitors as they explore the wonders of the Wairarapa. It has a full range of community amenities such as a library, stadium, multi -purpose halls, sports clubs-netball, rugby, soccer, hockey, wrestling, kick boxing, gymnastics, swimming, and an organised community centre.

Featherston has a great community spirit and is family orientated.  The train service to Wellington is convenient, regular and reliable. Featherston has maintained a special link with the past and celebrates its unique rail  history. There is a Fell engine museum and a miniature railway that runs in weekends.

FOSTA - Friends of St Teresa's 

Friends of St Teresa's are a group of parents, caregivers or any family member who wishes to support the school by contributing their time and enthusiasm on the following focuses:

To provide activities for families to socialise and know one another.

To raise funds to support the school in learning and teaching.

To raise funds to provide pleasant surroundings and up kept buildings.

There is a variety of activities that the group are involved with and we like to involve as many people as possible from our school community. We look forward to having new members join the group. Meetings are notified through the school newsletter, and are based around funding activities.

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Our Parish

Our local Parish plays an important role in the life of the school and we are closely linked into it.

Our Parish website.

The Archdiocese of Wellington