Our Vision : To develop confident life-long learners within the Catholic Faith




If you need to visit your child/ren at school for any reason, please check in at the office first. This ensures that we have an accurate record of who is on the school property. For your child/ren’s safety we will not allow them to be contacted by, or go with, anyone other than their parents/caregivers and other approved people. We do our best to communicate messages to children from parents/caregivers.


Our school assemblies are generally on Friday mornings at school, in the Wharenui. Parents/Caregivers are most welcome to attend. Please check at the office for the time and class.


The law requires attendance of pupils. The school requires a phone call, text or letter explaining the reason for absence by 8:50am of the day they are absent. After 3 days absent a Doctors medical certificate is required.



We follow the Police road safety advice that only children nine years and over should ride to school, unless accompanied by an adult. Safety helmets are essential protection and the law requires all cyclists to wear them. It is also advisable that bicycles be chained and locked whilst at school.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The Board of Trustee’s is a group of people who are responsible for the governance of the school. The Board is made up of the principal, a staff representative, co-opted trustees, 3-7 parent representatives and up to 34 proprietor’s representatives. The proprietor’s representatives have the responsibility of ensuring that the special character of the school is being maintained, preserved and reflected through the teaching programmes and operation of the school. Trustees are elected by the school community. Elections are held every 3 years. The Board of Trustees meets 6 weekly. These meeting are open to the public.


There are three buses that leave the school at 3.00pm. One is for South Featherston, one for Tauharenikau/ Greytown and the Western Lake Bus leaves at 3.30. If your child is eligible to travel on a school bus, arrangements will be made for your area bus. You will be given all the necessary information. Parents must contact the school if your child/ren is not travelling on the bus by 2:30pm.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device (see Chromebooks)



We acknowledge that cell phones are a part of our everyday life but they are disruptive if used in class and can cause problems between individuals at other times. If your child must bring a cell phone to school they must either give it to their teacher to hold on to during the school day or hand it in to the office where it will be kept until the end of school. If your child persists with using their cell phone while at school it will be taken off them and parents will be contacted to collect it from the school.


At St Teresa’s School the students use chromebooks. We are a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school – this means students may bring their own chromebook/laptop to school provided that their parents and the student have completed a BYOD form.


Throughout the year there are a number of occasions when the School and Community have the opportunity to celebrate the religious activities of the School together. Parents/caregivers are always welcome to attend. These occasions are advertised in the weekly newsletter.


If you have a concern or complaint regarding the school the Board of Trustees has a Complaints and Concerns procedure that sets out the steps and procedure to be followed. A copy of this procedure is available from the school office and on our website under More.


Parents/Caregivers are asked to provide a contact phone number at enrolment. Please advise the office of any change of phone number, address, or any family situation.



Children are serviced at various locations in the South Wairarapa and parents will be sent appointments periodically for treatment by the dental service. Ensure your pre-schooler is enrolled with the Dental Service. The dental bus visits the school once per year. If you need to contact the Therapists you can phone them on the bus between 9:00am-3:00pm on 027 264 4320.



These are paid annually to support activities and events throughout the year. For the school to continue to offer the opportunities we do, it is important that we receive your Education Activity Donation for the year. This assists in covering the extra expenses associated with your child’s education at this school that we do not get funding for from the government. Your donation goes toward the following expenses:

ü School events: This covers Assemblies at the Kiwi/ANZAC hall, Stadium hire etc.

ü Class consumables – art, technology supplies etc.


Throughout the year, Fire and Emergency Evacuation procedures are practiced. In the event of an emergency the prime concern is the safety of the children.


When enrolling children we ask for an alternative phone number to be given to the office in the event of an emergency at school. When numbers, addresses and emergency contacts change, please update the office as soon as possible.


Children should be enrolled prior to commencement of school so they can attend at least 4 pre-school visits. Pre-schoolers are asked to wear their school uniform on these visits. A letter advising the dates and times of the pre-school visits is sent to you one month prior to the child’s enrolment date.


FEES : See Education Activity Donation and Religious Education Donation

St Teresa requests families to pay a sum each year to cover the costs of school wide educational activities, art supplies, swimming fees, and other school wide activities. The cost is $10 per child per term (the fourth child onwards in a family will be free). Other fees may be charged at the beginning of the year for classroom stationery and Religious Education resources. Parents will be advised of these at the beginning of each school year.

N.B. Catholic Schools Attendance Dues you pay do not come to the school – they go directly to the Catholic Schools Board in Wellington and provide funds for building maintenance.


If your child requires medication during the day it must be handed in to the office in the morning. It will be dispensed by the Office Staff as per your instructions; a form is available at the office that gives us consent to administer this. Should your child be unwell, or have an accident at school we will ring you. Should you not be available, however, we reserve the right to contact emergency services. Emergency services will always be contacted in any immediate emergency in the first instance.


Friends of St Teresa’s (FOSTA): This is our Parent fundraising group. All family members are welcome to join and help organise fundraising events so the school can provide extra resources to enhance our children’s learning and enjoyment at St Teresa's School.


Although the school receives funding from the Ministry of Education and is supplied with basic equipment, we need to raise money annually for important additional items such as computers, sports equipment, Religious Education resource materials, day-to-day classroom requirements, etc.

The FOSTA embarks on projects that will help to supply these deficiencies and needs your support.



St Teresa’s School is a rubbish free school. Everyone is welcome to use the school grounds with respect and assist in maintaining them. The school has a ‘no skateboard’ and ‘no dogs’ allowed sign and is Smokefree.



Good health is vital to school progress. Officers of the Health and Dental Service contact us periodically. The Public Health Nurse is available to the school or to any parents if there are matters they wish to discuss. Please give them full co-operation. Let teachers know if you wish anything such as hearing or eyesight to be checked. The school should be advised if your child has any serious allergies or health conditions.


Your child will have weekly tasks - to enrich the learning process, to consolidate basic skills or to overcome obvious weaknesses. Home Learning includes the challenges of the Hands of Christ Programme. You can help them by CHECKING to see that this is being done. Please check with your child’s teacher if you are unsure of the home learning requirements.


Children are expected to arrive by 8:45am and vacate the school by 3:00pm at the latest.

Classroom time:

Pitt Stop at – piece of fruit

Morning Tea:

Classroom time:


Classroom time:

8:55am -11.00am


11:00am – 11.30am

11.30am – 1.00pm

1:00pm to 1:50pm

1.50pm – 2.55pm


Please Take Note of the following - Period of EXCLUSION FROM SCHOOL:


Conjunctivitis of eyes:





Impetigo (School Sores), Ringworm:


Whooping Cough; Diphtheria:

For one week from appearance of rash until all scabs have gone.

Until all redness and sticky deposits around eyes have gone.

AT LEAST 24 hours from the last episode.

May attend if under PROPER TREATMENT or as doctor directs.

For at least 7 days from the appearance of rash and until recovery.

Until 9 days after swelling develops or patient is better.

Until 24 hours after medical treatment has started as advised by a medical professional.

AT LEAST 24 hours from the last episode.

At least 3 weeks from the onset of coughing or after 5 days of antibiotics.



This is not to be worn to school for safety reasons. If wearing a necklace of religious significance it must be worn under clothing. Studs or sleepers are the only earrings to be worn for pierced ears.



Knowledge is gained by your child having a positive attitude while at school.



Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds without authorisation from a parent/guardian/teacher. All children must be signed out (and in when returned) in the Visitors Book held at reception.


The school has a library with a good stock of books, which is continually updated. Children have regular sessions in the library. The school library is open to students during lunch times on Monday’s, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Students are also given access to the Featherston Library via books and Kindle. Children are encouraged to have a current library book available to read at all times. Damaged and lost books will be charged to the family.


Throughout the year there are a number of occasions when the School and Community have the opportunity to celebrate the religious activities of the School together. Parents/caregivers are always welcome to attend. These occasions are advertised in the weekly newsletter.


Please name ALL clothing. Naming helps restore the items to be returned their owners. For clothing that has been lost, please check the lost property rackbin by the community notice board.


Children are required to bring a well-balanced lunch and morning tea and bottle filled with water only to school every day. Children may purchase a sausage/s through the school on Fridays. These are $2 each. All lunch wrapping and food waste will return home in the child’s lunchbox.



Please confine message to pupils to those of an urgent nature. Messages can be left for the teachers. Teachers can be contacted before and after school or during breaks. Email is the preferred method of contact.



Every Wednesday the school issues a newsletter to keep you informed of school activities and to make sure you are aware of current needs. If you are not receiving these, please let us know at the office and check with your child. Newsletters may be received by a hard copy, email, are posted on our school’s Facebook page and are available via the free APP Parent Teacher Calendar. Please advise the office of your email address if you wish to receive a copy it this way



8.00am – 3:30pm Monday to Friday


St Teresa’s School is a Catholic School and all parents are expected to contribute and uphold the Catholic character of the school.

How can you do this?

- Make sure children say their prayers at home.

- Help them to see the love of God through the love you show them.

- Take them to Mass regularly and explain what is happening.

- Take an interest in their comments about God or other religious topics.

- Never be negative to their misunderstandings, but lead them toward thinking in the right direction.

- Don’t expect an adult understanding – “When I was a child I thought as a child”.

- Attend religious events organised by the school.

- Share with them in the Sacramental Life of the Church.

- Assist them to complete the Hands of Christ challenges.



There are often times during the year when the success of school activities depends on parent help. We are fortunate that local parents are willing and able to be involved in the school trips and activities. Sometimes we make specific requests e.g. to make equipment. Please let us know if you can be available. Some parents come regularly to school to “parent help”, and this is appreciated by staff and students.


Please try to make calls before 8:45am if you need to speak to staff. Please do not ask for children to come to the phone – messages will be taken and passed on to them.


The Board of Trustees has a number of policies. These guide the running of the school and the way in which the curriculum will be delivered. The full list of policies is available in the school office for anyone to view. Each policy is reviewed on a regular basis.



If you have any query or concern regarding you child’s learning see you child’s class teacher.



Senior children are trained to ensure everyone crosses the pedestrian crossing safely. Please ensure the pedestrian crossing is used at all times


This supports our Religious Education programme and the Special Character of our school



All children are expected to take part in this unless exempted for medical reasons. Participation by all is encouraged and friendly contests are held with other schools in the area. On these occasions correct school PE uniform is required.

We urge parents to support St Teresa’s School and have their children play for school teams where possible.


At the beginning of each year your child is given a stationery pack to start the year off. Payment of these packs is expected prior to your child receiving their pack.by the end of February. From time to time throughout the year your child may require additional stationery which needs to be purchased. This will be advised by their teacher. may be available at the school or alternatively elsewhere.


We expect all children to wear their school uniform sunhat or cap whilst at school. As we are a Sun Smart school with a policy in place – No Hat No Play - the school hat or cap is to be worn in Terms 1 & 4.


During Term One the school makes use of the Public Baths for swimming instruction, which like sport and physical education, is part of the curriculum. All children need to have named togs, towel and goggles. Notes from parents/caregivers must be given for children not swimming.



Our school is fortunate to be able to employ teacher aides. The purpose of their programme is to support children on a regular basis, assist with learning needs and work with small groups of children to improve and support class programmes.


We cannot guarantee the safe keeping of valuables and toys brought to the school. All valuables and toys brought to school are done so at your own risk.



Each year educational trips, visits, cultural activities and education outside the classroom are arranged. These activities are not undertaken unless we consider there is educational merit and we ask parents to give their support to these activities.



Water only is to be consumed within the school grounds.


The school needs to be advised in advance if children are shifting to another school. All school property must be returned. The new school will request the child’s records from us.


1. School and parent contact is of the utmost importance. We are a team and need to work in partnership for your child’s education.

2. From time to time opportunities arise for parents to meet the staff and each other – please take advantage of these.

3. Parent discussion about teachers in front of children is undesirable.

4. If you have any queries/concerns about teaching or learning please contact the school to make an appointment to come and discuss the matter with the class teacher. You are always welcome.

5. Emergencies occur which make it necessary to interrupt a class, but in general, parents are asked to keep communications outside the class time.

X, Y, Z


Excellence is encouraged in all aspects of school life.


A yearning to learn is a focus of the school


St Teresa’s School is a rubbish free school. Parents are requested to ensure children have their morning tea and lunch in a suitable container that keeps it fresh. Wrappings and food waste are to be taken home.