Our Vision : To develop confident life-long learners within the Catholic Faith


We are in a unique position as a Catholic school in that we provide an education that goes beyond the seven curriculum areas. We offer Education in Faith, a holistic education which caters for the whole child now, and for the future. It is in our Catholicity that we demonstrate a loving, caring, inviting and prayerful community. With this as our basis, we believe that St Teresa’s School has the potential to stand as a beacon for education in the South Wairarapa and lead our children towards a positive future.

It is our aim that children at St Teresa’s School will look forward to coming to school, that they will be proud of St Teresa’s School and have a sense of ownership of their school. This will come about through the provision of exciting stimulating and rewarding activities in a safe and inclusive compassionate environment where each child is valued for who they are and, their individual needs are met.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals whose aim it is to provide quality education combined with affirmative pastoral care.

Our Board of Trustees is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all areas of our school. The Board provides a link between the School, Community, Parish and Ministry of Education and together with the staff, the Board works tirelessly to ensure the needs of our students are met.

You, our parents, are of vital importance to the success of St Teresa’s School. Your positive participation and support of your child’s education provides encouragement to your child, their teacher and the spirit of our school. We encourage parents/caregivers to be involved either in the day to day life of our school or in a more formal way through the Board of Trustees or FOSTA (Friends of St Teresa’s School Association).

It is the vision of the school that St Teresa’s School will provide for its students with an education that develops the “whole” child:

Spiritually – Academically – Physically – Socially

We aim to lay the foundations for life of Faith, Success and Excellence for each of our students.

As you will appreciate, we are charged with preserving the Special Character of our Catholic school, something that can only be achieved with the support and vigilance of our entire Catholic community. The Bishops of New Zealand have determined that parents enrolling their children at this Catholic Primary School will undertake:

- To take an active part with their children in the religious life of the Parish.

- To pay school fees, an account for which will be received from the Catholic Schools Board.

At St Teresa’s School we aim to provide the best education and environment we can for your son or daughter. In return we seek the utmost co-operation from all concerned – we can work together to give children the opportunities they deserve.